23rd Fri Mar, 10:33

Poster for a very nice stand-up comic in Paris. Go check her out, she’s hilarious (in français of course)

TAGS: portrait, humour, flowers, standup, showgirl


7th Thu Jul, 08:27

Wandering the streets in Arles, I saw two friends chatting by the Rhone river. They seemed happy and free. So I sneaked up from behind them and stole some of that freedom. Like a psychopath!

TAGS: Arles, RencontresArles, Freedom, Wind, Sky, Bllue, GIF


29th Sun May, 18:48

Having fun with the amazing Amin Bendriouiche at Li Edelkort’s studio in Paris for the Heartware fashion presentation. 

14th Thu Jan, 15:45

Ugo Mulas exhibition at @FondationHCB started today. Mr Mulas photographed Lucio Fontana pretending to cut a painting. I made this GIF out of his images to show the cutting. &ldquoL'Attente&rdquo. Spatial Concept.

TAGS: art, conceptural art, gif


12th Wed Aug, 12:44

When your drink is on a Rana Salam coaster, you tend to see THIS! (after a few of them. The drinks, not the coasters-)

TAGS: RanaSalam, MiddleEast, GIF


11th Tue Aug, 07:32

Portrait of Golan Yosef, dancer and actor.

Shot in Paris at Anita-Kitchen’s offices

TAGS: Portrait, Celebrity, jumping


30th Tue Jun, 17:14

RAMADAN KAREEM to all of earth’s muslims.

TAGS: Ramadan, GIF, Moon


29th Fri May, 20:30

The Pie Chart Monster beats any cookie

TAGS: OfficeLife, Office, Boredom, GIF


27th Mon Apr, 02:40

Walking down Gemmayzeh, if you know where to look, you SEE history. 

TAGS: Beirut, GIF, Gemmayzeh, Architecture, Patrimoine, History, RealEstate


1st Wed Apr, 17:53

When designer Rana Salam asked me to shoot her portrait, this 3D GIF was screaming to be made. So here you go, ladies and gents, The Queen Of Pop!!



30th Mon Mar, 16:49



POP IT  shot by moi with the invaluable help of ronenv


6th Sat Dec, 07:40

I just met Mark The Colorman, who has a Jungian approach to color as a life-changing agent, and we took a few minutes to shoot his colorstack portrait.

As Mark puts it &ldquoThe journey through the rainbow is worth its weight in gold&rdquo.

TAGS: Color, healing, Colorstack, GIF


17th Mon Nov, 04:37

So, I&rsquom happily in Beirut now. And I just made myself this lucky charms rain to shower my days from now on.

Thank you Ross Davies for your precious help in building the loop! -)

TAGS: EvilEye, LuckyCharm, Mabrouk

Behind The Best NYC Pizza Party Ever

At $tandard ©reative, we threw Pizza a 125th Bday Party and ordered delivery from every pizzeria in NY (great idea, Matt Capucilli!) Made possible by Shock Top Brewing Co. ( who sponsored the project.

Pizza was created on June 11, 1889 by hero genius Raffaele Esposito. We celebrated Pizza&rsquos 125th birthday at our studio by ordering delivery from every pizzeria in New York.

Vid by Ronen V!
&ldquoDelivery From Every Pizzeria in NY&rdquo idea by Matt Capucilli!
Event produced by A Razor, A Shiny Knife!
GIFs by mr. gif (who made this rad invite)!
Pizza Carols by Jonathan Mann!
Music by Anamanaguchi!
&ldquoLeaning Tower of Pizza&rdquo Installation by Thierry Van Biesen!
and featuring Seth Herzog as the creator of pizza, Raffaele Esposito!

Thanks Shock Top Brewing Co. for making this possible!

Happy Birthday, Pizza!

11th Sat Oct, 16:40

So, I&rsquom happily in Beirut now. And I just made myself this lucky charms rain to shower my days from now on.

Thank you Ross Davies for your precious help in building the loop! -)

TAGS: Installation, Pizza
10th Fri Oct, 15:57


#blinkgif portraits with ronenv tlvx thierryvanbiesen 

(neon light made by mrgif)


29th Mon Sep, 18:09

Going round in circles doesn&rsquot necessarily have to be derogatory. When we place ourselves right at the center as the subject of self study, those individual 360 degrees in a circle where we can position ourselves as the observer will most certainly come in handy by offering us different vantage points for broader self knowledge. So why not go round in circles if it means getting in better spiritual shape. Thank you YogaHolic

TAGS: YogaAnimation, SpiritualGangsta, Metronomy


3rd Wed Sep, 10:55

You write with ink on paper. Livescribe 3 turns your ink into pixels!

Here is an ad I made for Livescribe 3  Middle-East.

Thank you Elie Bekhazi for a precious collaboration on this production

TAGS: BackToSchool, SmartPen


2nd Tue Sep, 06:33

“But I would do it all again, every bit of it, I would lose her again just to have her again for an hour, for a minute, for even a second. I would do it all again just to see her face.” 
― Lee Smith, On Agate Hill

TAGS: GIF, LOVE, eternal


8th Tue Apr, 11:10

Summer&rsquos springing on us, so let&rsquos get into our swimsuits and welcome it with a splash !!!

TAGS: princessetamtam, gif


27th Thu Mar, 19:55

A wink at costume designer Xtian Joy


21st Fri Mar, 05:26

#mothersday violets found in Budapest. It had been a long time since I enjoyed that smell from its real source!

TAGS: mothersday
14th Fri Feb, 12:07

Love to all Lovers, whoever they decide to Love and however they like to do it.

Giphographer Thierry Van Biesen

Styled by Sylvie Portugal

In order of appearance:

1• Strass Body and Tutu by On Aura Tout Vu, Glitter shoes by Walter Steiger. Top and skirt by Naco, rigid Beret by House of Flora, shoes by Walter Steiger

2• total looks by Smalto

3• Her: dress by Lanvin for H&M, shoes by Walter Steiger                          Him: shirt, tie, jacket and shoes by Smalto

Produced at Anita Kitchen 

Make-Up and Hair by Sebastien Poirier

Special thanks to Lionel Samain and Aurora Dardenne

TAGS: Love, GIF, Valentine, FreedomToMarry, Equality


15th Wed Jan, 00:46

I heard that, to be famous, I needed to make a sex tape with some stars. So here you go, ladies and gents! Homemade on my kitchen countertop!!!


12th Sun Jan, 08:53

Got rid of the cloud but clouds are not the only things flying in the city.


6th Mon Jan, 16:10

What’s on your plate? I got this for my “galette des Rois”, and won the crown :-) #love #colorful #food #kingoftheday

TAGS: food, love, colorful, kingoftheday


11th Mon Nov, 15:59

Slightly lifted as she enters under the cloud.


7th Thu Nov, 04:45

Hit by a cloud on a misty Paris morning. I almost lost my hat!!!


21st Wed Aug, 18:14

A GIF I made for CR FashionBook.


Aprés Ballet

Mary Helen Bowers introduces a ballet shoe that’s quite on pointe

Read More

TAGS: GIF, Fashion, Animated, Ballet


7th Tue May, 11:34

Cherien Dabis and I went to Prospect park yesterday. A few birds were there too. A #cinemagraph was made.

TAGS: GIF, cinemagraph, birds, blue sky, artists on tumblr, art


27th Sat Apr, 17:16

Eve Tramunt  and Cameron Bailey came to my studio in Brooklyn. Supposedly to work. But they found these racquets and I just couldn&rsquot stop them. They played all day. With Callista Wilson and Gozde Eker. Make-up by Kelly Budd, hair by Paul Warren. Thank you UNIQLO. And special thanks to RonenV, who is always a precious consultant on my GIFs. 

TAGS: gif, uniqlo, Spring, art, Fashion, yellow, Badminton, fashiongif vogue mesmerizing
25th Thu Apr, 00:00

Ground? What ground?

Eve Tramunt  and Cameron Bailey came to my studio in Brooklyn.With Callista Wilson and Gozde Eker. Make-up by Kelly Budd, hair by Paul Warren. Thank you H&M. And special thanks to RonenV, who is always a precious consultant on my GIFs.

TAGS: GIF, Couple, H&M, Art, Artist On Tumblr, fashiongif mesmerizing vogue
10th Wed Apr, 23:25

Melissa Johannsen for Watch Your Time magazine, to illustrate six different kinds of watches. Styling by Giannie Couji, make-up Pascale Poma, hair Andrew Fitzsimons, casting Natalie Joos and Arianna Pradarelli assistant James Yaruzinski


7th Thu Mar, 15:10

I met Egyptian journalist and women&rsquos rights activist Mona El-Tahawy a few weeks ago and listened to her story, her dreams. 

Sexually assaulted by riot policemen in Egypt and left with two arms broken, she&rsquos still intent on moving back from New York to Cairo.

It will be dangerous there, but her message doesn&rsquot have the same power if not delivered from there.

So she fights her fears to make the world a better place for others, who live in fear.

Mona El-Tahawy is a free woman.

I shot her with a flower.

25th Mon Feb, 00:10
14th Thu Feb, 16:25

I wanted to recreate the feel of underwater photographs that I admire for their lightness. But on the ground. Without water.

4th Mon Feb, 10:54

Yesterday in Brooklyn. Freezing on the sidewalk. Then a ray of warm sun hits the wall behind me. I turn around and this is what I see&hellip

(on McKibbin st at corner of Manhattan av)


29th Fri Jun, 11:07


with Sarah Moskowitz


28th Thu Jun, 17:47


Lillian Lorraine is a street artist in NYC. I saw one of her wheatpaste poster come alive and snapped it.

31st Thu May, 18:49

During a walk in the woods in the Hamptons, we rarely saw people. Birds and insects, yes. People, no. Which lead me to imagine beautiful creatures, glowing in the patches of sun shining through the leaves.


16th Mon Apr, 14:56


TAGS: Delvaux, Fashion, GIF, fashiongif vogue
11th Wed Apr, 17:13

Rebecca Weinberg and I went out to Nova&rsquos Ark sculpture garden in the Hamptons and found Gaye McDonald having a stroll in the garden.

With Elsa Canedo, Mykel Renner and Tatyana Bevz

21st Tue Feb, 10:06

The creative director at Madame Figaro in Paris, William Stoddart, asked me to create images that were light, colorful, optimistic and that he hadn&rsquot seen elsewhere before&helliptalk about an exciting brief!

TAGS: fashion, creative, original, madamefigaro, photography
25th Wed Jan, 21:50

Growing up I was a fan of Moebius&rsquo graphic novels.

But I grew up the day I asked him if he wanted to do a story with me.

Sometimes you put people on a pedestal, and they don&rsquot know it. They really think they&rsquore on the same exact sidewalk as you, when you approach them, on the street. 

So he liked my story of a woman who goes to discover the End Of the World, and sees it&rsquos flat. For a second. Before the little girl, guardian of that secret, pushes her into the void. Towards the Sun. I shot the woman. He drew the girl. He drew the End Of The World. Here are a few images from that story.

TAGS: graphic novels, illustration, moebius, art, comics
19th Mon Dec, 14:27


I went to preview of the ITP Winter Show today with Thierry and Cherien.

Naturally, we improvised a little iphone video with one of the pieces.

(‘Interactive WallLight’ by Dong Ik Shin, ‘Waltz No.2’ by Dmitri Shostakovich)

**The show is open Sunday and Monday— GO!


3rd Sat Dec, 08:03

You&rsquore not a stranger to the fact that hats, specially good hats, are quite whimsical, particularly at sunrise when they come home from a night of headless mischief.

And, of course, (yes, &ldquoof course&rdquo!), I woke up really early this morning. Just in time to see the shadow of my hat softly bursting through the window in the blazing golden morning sun.

And like every morning, I tried to get my hat to sit on my head. 

Well, let me tell you, it was no easy task. In fact, he still hovers slightly above my head from time to time, this self asserting brat of a hat.

Since my soles have been made of clouds for the last week, it puts me in a position of lightness that, frankly, is more than bearable.

And if it rains, I&rsquoll surely stay dry, head and toes.

Thank you Cherien.

photo by Lucas&rsquo boothomatic

TAGS: boothomatic, bowler hat


26th Wed Oct, 10:55

I saw that sign in the south of Spain, near Rhonda, it reminded me of a song, what a wonderful world&hellip

TAGS: religion


26th Wed Oct, 01:40

In Capetown for a job, just before Xmas.

No one left to work with on the 24th, so the stylist and I decided to shoot still lives.

TAGS: featured
14th Fri Oct, 06:08

Took a portrait I did of Syrie Moskowitz, and ran it through rutt-etra-izer, a great new WebGL browser based app by Felix Turner

TAGS: Chrome Experiments, WebGL


13th Thu Oct, 13:35

On the plane to Sweden with my crew, I chat with one of the models, Clara. It turns out she&rsquos Sudanese, and we spend the rest of the flight speaking arabic. Directing a nude shot in arabic was fun (Clara was whispering the translation to Maria, our Swedish model)

TAGS: nude, beauty, chanel, featured
11th Tue Oct, 20:53


I shot this video collaboration with RonenV:

After the last few weeks of making videos, this week I took a break and just relaxed, reading books in the library and listening to some Jacques Offenbach music on my life-size ballerina music box.

TAGS: featured